Gracious Professionalism Award – Orange County Regional, 2018

Celebrates outstanding demonstration of FIRST Core Values such as continuous Gracious Professionalism and working together both on and off the playing field. Gracious professionals learn and compete like crazy, but treat one another with respect and kindness in the process. They avoid treating anyone like losers. No chest thumping tough talk, but no sticky-sweet platitudes either. Knowledge, competition, and empathy are comfortably blended.

Woodie Flowers Finalist Award – Orange County Regional, 2018

Celebrates effective communication in the art and science of engineering and design. This award recognizes an individual who has done an outstanding job of motivation through communication while also challenging the students to be clear and succinct in their communications.

FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award – Orange County Regional, 2018

Celebrates the leadership and dedication of FIRST’s most outstanding secondary school students.


Safety Award – Orange County Regional, 2017

Celebrates the team that progresses beyond safety fundamentals by using innovative ways to eliminate or protect against hazards.