Leadership is composed of students who, through hard work and dedication, become experts in their respective fields. They are responsible for teaching other students and managing our team.

Co – Captains

Adoniya Paul & Jackson Hogue

Project Managers

Elisha Longino & Marco Solares

Safety Captain

Drew Rodriguez

Manufacturing Lead

Liam Van Citters

Design Lead

Tory Sylvester

Electrical Lead

Liam Van Citters

Software Lead

Dhruva Shankar

Financial Leads

Marial Bajo & Matthew Haley

Awards Leads

Marcus Ayala & Matthew Haley

Logistics Lead

Henry Tomlinson

Public Relations Coordinator

Alizah Laggui

Outreach Lead

Kevin Corona

Food Lead

Shon McPike

Scouting and Strategy Lead

Marcus Ayala