About Us

Our Team

Momentum Robotics is a  community FIRST Robotics Competition team located at Sato Academy. Every year our team builds an industrial-sized robot to compete in regional competitions with other teams. We build the robot by partnering with professional engineers and professionals from many industries and corporations. Together we have been able to have multiple successful seasons and help students learn skills in both engineering and business.

The FIRST Robotics Competition

The FIRST Robotics Competition is a high school level competition held by the organization FIRST. Every year in January, FIRST releases a new game along with an animation and rule manual which demonstrate the basic information needed to play the game. From that day, teams have six and a half weeks to build a robot that meets the requirements. The robots vary in size each year, with some weighing up to 120 pounds, and they compete on a field the size of a tennis court. Competitions are held all over the world, and they are free to the public to attend.